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At Instagrooms Inc, We Acknowledge And Value People And Horses With Diverse Backgrounds. Our Commitment Is Held To A High Standard For Diversity And Inclusion. We Ensure Every Day That Our Values Are Dedicated To Everyone. All Disciplines, Breeds, Genders, Colours and Ethnicities Are Welcome!

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Unearth a myriad of dedicated freelance grooms who share your passion for equine care. Delve into personalized profiles tailored to your horses' needs.


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Tailor your grooming experience effortlessly. Customize services with your chosen groom and confirm arrangements swiftly through our platform.


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Ensure stress-free transactions with secure and reliable payment options. Rest assured as your horses receive exceptional care.


Check out what others think about Instagrooms

Horse farms would not and could not run without grooms or barn managers who knew every horse inside and out, with meticulous attention to detail and care.

Vanessa California

I also want to expand my freelance grooming options. I am really excited about Instagrooms.

Elizabeth Florida

I have always wanted a central location for horse people to interact, find employees, or farm sitters, I think Instagroom is the perfect platform for that.

Mary Florida

The horses. I think that's what we all do this for.

Elle Washington

I would like to help market Instagrooms because it is an easier and more simple way to find a groom/braider or for grooms looking to advertise their services, and I haven't seen anything like this before.

Lilly Utah

Also, a total bonus that grooms can put in the days they are available! Simple to use and such a great idea. Thank you for providing this website, Instagrooms!

Crystal British Columbia

The grooms personalized profiles make me feel like I am hiring real people and I know them before they come to look after my special horses.

Karen Ontario

Instagrooms has been a great company to work with. The site is clean, organized, and simple to use.

Laura Oregon

In this first two weeks of the website launching I have over 80 people in my dashboard, made back half of my year membership- so far and the numbers are growing daily.

Jessica Affiliate

I am grateful Instagrooms has provided this opportunity and freedom to my life to make an extra income on the side while helping horse owners everywhere!

Krista Ontario

We all know the feeling of not being able to leave the farm for a vacation, this is why I am so excited Instagrooms created this site. I can browse through grooms to hire in my area when I need a few days off.

Jessi Washington